NISM Mock Test Online 2023

NISM Series XIII : Common Derivative Certification  

nism common derivative mock test

NISM Series XIII : Common Derivative Certification Mock Test


NISM V C : Mutual Fund Distributors (Level 2)  

nism v c mock test

NISM Series V C : Mutual Fund Distributors (Level 2) Mock Test


NISM Merchant Banking Certification  

nism merchant banking mock test

NISM-Series-IX: Merchant Banking Certification Mock Test


NISM Retirement Adviser Exam  

nism retirement adviser mock test

NISM Series XVII - Retirement Adviser Mock Test


NISM Securities Market Foundation  

NISM Series XII - Securities Market Foundation Exam

NISM Series XII - Securities Market Foundation Mock Test


NISM Commodity Derivatives Certification  

Nism XVI Commodity mock test

NISM Series XVI - Commodity Derivatives Certification Mock Test


NISM Fixed Income Securities XXII  

nism fixed income securities

NISM-Series-XXII : Fixed Income Securities Mock Test







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Why Chose PASS4SURE's NISM Mock Test?

  1. Extensive Question Bank: Our NISM mock tests feature a carefully curated question bank containing the 600 most important and relevant questions for each respective exam. By practicing with our mock tests, you will cover all the crucial topics and gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and principles tested in the NISM exams. This comprehensive coverage prepares you to tackle any question that comes your way.
  2. Easy-to-Understand Explanations: At PASS4SURE, we prioritize conceptual clarity. We believe that understanding the underlying concepts is essential for effectively answering exam questions. That's why our mock tests provide detailed explanations along with the answers. These explanations are designed to help you grasp the concepts behind each question, ensuring that you not only memorize the answers but also develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Validity and Attempts: We understand that effective exam preparation requires ample time and practice. Therefore, each subscription to our NISM mock tests is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Within this period, you have the flexibility to attempt each test up to 10 times. This allows you to revise and reinforce your knowledge, identify areas that require improvement, and track your progress over time.
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  5. User-Friendly Platform: Our online platform is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Once you log in, you can easily navigate through the mock tests, select the specific NISM exam you are preparing for, and access the questions and explanations. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your studies and maximize your productivity.
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Popular NISM Certification Exam Mock Tests

Our NISM mock tests cover a wide range of certifications, including Series I to Series XV. Here are a few of the popular NISM certifications for which we offer mock tests:

  1. NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives Certification Exam: This exam assesses the knowledge and understanding of equity derivatives products, their uses, and the regulatory framework surrounding them. Our NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test cover topics such as futures, options, trading strategies, risk management, and more.
  2. NISM Series V A - Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam: This certification is mandatory for individuals engaged in selling, marketing, or distributing mutual funds. Our NISM Mutual Fund Mock Test cover topics such as mutual fund basics, types of mutual funds, regulatory framework, sales and distribution practices, and investor services.
  3. NISM Series VI - Depository Operations Certification Exam: This exam focuses on assessing the knowledge and understanding of individuals working in depository operations. Our NISM Depository Mock Test cover topics such as depository systems, depository participants, dematerialization, rematerialization, corporate actions, and more.
  4. NISM Series X A - Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Exam: This certification is designed for individuals providing investment advisory services. Our mock tests for NISM Series X A cover topics such as investment advisory regulations, ethical practices, risk profiling, asset allocation, investment products, and financial planning.

These are just a few examples of the NISM certifications for which we provide mock tests. We offer comprehensive mock tests for all NISM certification exams, ensuring that you have the resources needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Prepare with PASS4SURE's NISM Mock Test and Unleash Your Potential

With PASS4SURE's NISM mock test, you can embark on your journey towards NISM certification success with confidence. Our extensive question bank, easy-to-understand explanations, flexible validity period, instant access, user-friendly platform, and cost-effective subscriptions make PASS4SURE the ideal choice for your NISM exam preparation needs. Don't leave your success to chance - unlock your potential with PASS4SURE's NISM mock tests and embark on a path to professional excellence!



Q. How many questions NISM mock tests contain? 

The mock test contains around 600 Q&As with explanations. The actual examination has 100 questions of one mark each. There is no negative marking in a mock test.

Q. Is there a free demo test available?

Yes. You can opt for a free demo test before unlocking premium NISM mock test.

Q. What is the validity of the NISM mock test? 

30 days. Once you give the NISM mock test and prepare for the main certification exam, the certification will remain valid for three years from the date of passing the exam.

Q. Can candidates change NISM exam dates and times? 

Yes, NISM Online Certification System allows one exam slot adjustment request 4 days before the exam date.



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