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As Nism / Insurance Institute is not regularly conducting the exams due to Carona issue, we will give a FREE extension of 15 - 30 days to any Nism - Insurance question bank purchased from 1 April '20 till the situation normalises. Please write to info@pass4sure.in - for getting the free 15 - 30 day free extension for revision when your exam date is finalised.


PASS4SURE is a professional online practice test bank for various NISM, NCFM and Insurance exams. The teams behind PASS4SURE has decades of experience in the financial and stock markets and have succeeded in preparing practice question bank which will help not only to pass the exams easily but also get good knowledge of the subject.

Our online mock exams contain questions which are carefully analysed by the experts and have a high probability of being asked in the exams. Thus all PASS4SURE questions are highly valued and contribute to an almost 100% success rate.

We have carefully selected the most important 400 – 500 practice questions and answers so that you can have a targeted smart study. PASS4SURE understands that time and money is valuable for our students, so we regularly update all our exams. Our LAST DAY REVISION test is on the spot. This is done to ensure that the students learn what is most important and pass the exams. You do not have to try again and again wasting time and money.

Our simple aim is to simplify the NISM, NCFM and Insurance exams. Do let us know if you have any queries. All the best.


Posted on 05 Feb 2020

NISM Mutual Fund Examination started in 2010, and it is regarded as one of the oldest exam...

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