5 Tips to Find the Best NISM Mock Test Portal

Posted on 19 Nov 2022

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If you want to kickstart your career in Finance, you have to achieve the NISM certification in different fields of finance. If you particularly aim for NISM Equity Derivative Exam, you need to sit for the NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test first. 

It’s the only way to clear the exam on the first attempt. But you need to make sure that you are paying for the right set of mock tests. If the quality of the mock tests is not good enough, you cannot develop your performance. 

So, here are the tips to find the best portal for mock tests. 

Tip #1: The exact feel of the NISM Mock Test

One of the main reasons why you have to sit for the mock tests is to get the real feel of the exam. Naturally, you must look for sites that offer exact demo tests for the certification. 

  • The questions must appear realistic just like the original tests, it will help you to be familiar with the original test environment. 
  • Questions should be of the same difficulty level as the ones that occur in the real exam.

Only then should you sign up for the mock tests. 

Tip #2: Pricing

You are already paying a certain amount for the actual test. Therefore, you have to be very calculative about the choice of the NISM Mock Test

  • Look for lucrative packages of multiple mock tests.
  • Compare the pricing of the tests on the multiple platforms that appear on the top ranks of the search engine.
  • The cheaper option is not always the best. 

So, try to look for the portals that offer reasonable pricing for multiple test packages that will help you to prepare better for the approaching NISM tests. 

Tip #3: regular updates

Do you know what signifies a good portal for mock tests? It's the frequency at which the portal gets the updates. All of you know that the NISM test patterns vary intermittently with changes in the type of questions. 

The top portals will maintain regular updates that help the examinees to get accustomed to the latest pattern of the questions. 

Tip #4: Last-minute tests

Revision is crucial for the examinees of the NISM tests. But revising the entire syllabus is impossible on the last day before the exam. Instead, you should look for the portals at offer last-minute revision tests to recall the important parts.

Apart from the online demo tests, the best portals will always offer these last-minute tests that will add to your confidence level.

Tip #5: The accurate answers

Appearing for the test is invaluable if you don't get the right answers to the questions. The NISM Mock Test 2022 available at the most effective portals should offer accurate answers along with perfect explanations. 

It will help you to understand the right approach to answering these questions. Unless you understand the mistakes, you cannot rectify the errors and answer correctly during the actual exam. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the portal of PASS4SURE to crack NISM certification exam.