Top Benefits of Clearing NISM Certification Exam

Posted on 16 Sep 2020

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Remember Will Smith in the movie Pursuit of Happiness? His story of rags to riches was based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner, one of the best known Stock Brokers of the United States. Stock trading and analysis is not an easy task, nor can it be done by just any professionals.

You might hold a degree in Engineering or Accounts from the premium most universities of the country. Still, unless and until you do hold a certification of approval from the Stock and Trading committee, you can never get a job in the world of Stock.

In India, one needs to clear the NISM exam conducted by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to become a Stock Trade Analyst. The exam is conducted separately for 20 particular branches of Stock Trading. NISM Equity Derivatives is one of the most common test subjects chosen by the examinees to appear for.

The NISM Equity Derivatives Study Material provided post-enrollment is often regarded as the best guide to understand Equity derivatives best.

Benefits of clearing the NISM Certification Exam -

1) Since NISM certification is a mandatory requirement to work in Capital Market, it is a stepping stone towards better professional growth. For example, in case you have good knowledge about Equities, then NISM Series VIII has to be cleared before working in Equity derivative department of Capital Market.

2) NISM Certification helps in improving your knowledge about the product and the process of trading of the specific product. The study material provided during preparation along with the various mock test modules conducted helps in understanding the subject matter better and thus prepare you better for handling day to day issues faster and more efficiently.

3) NISM Certification opens up a broader job market for candidates who wants to make a mark for themselves in the world of Stock and Trading. Since the exam strengthens one's knowledge about the specific domain, the chances of being recruited into the Capital market increases exponentially.

4) Who does not want to have a stellar resume? Having a NISM certification will only act as an added value to your resume. The certification is a strong proof of your abilities and knowledge about the job. NISM certification can also be used as a stepping stone towards attaining International Trade certification.

5) NISM Certification is the core, and the major accreditation one needs to begin work in any Trade and Securities company. The certification is valid all across the country and mandatory criteria for any Brokerage firm, RTS, investment banks and other Financial security units. Without a NISM Certification, it is impossible to enter the world of Stock Trade.

6) Preparing for NISM Exam, helps one understand the world of financial stocks in a much more unbiased and authentic manner. This helps in better decision-making abilities later on and thus reduces the chances of error or mistakes.

The world of Stock and trade is a fluctuating scenario that needs experts to handle and resolve the issues in a perfect way without causing a market crash and economic downfall. This is only possible if the people handling the money are of sound knowledge and exceptional and skilled expertise. NISM only helps in choosing the cream from the lot to become the best stock handlers of the country.