Top 5 Benefits of Clearing NISM-Series-VIII- Equity Derivatives Certification Exam

Posted on 05 Oct 2018

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NISM – National Institute of Security Markets is an Educational initiative by SEBI. It is an important entry-level certification in the Indian Capital Market. It serves to create certified individuals who are well trained in the basic knowledge about the securities exchange market and its operations. It also offers a huge of certifications through which candidates can specialize in whichever area of work they are most interested in. In simplest terms NISM Certifications seeks to train the candidates with a thorough understanding of the financial structure in India and the guidelines of the Indian securities market. Here’s a list of the benefits that are sure to come your way when you clear NISM-Series-VIII- Equity Derivatives Certification Exam.

The SEBI Mandate – As per the SEBI Certification of Associated Persons in Securities Market (CAPSM) Regulations, 2007, it is mandatory for any individual who wishes to occupy a particular position, to clear the corresponding NISM Certification Exam before employment. So, only if you have cleared the NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Exam, will you be eligible to find a job as a derivatives market dealer in the securities market.

Professional Knowledge - NISM-Series-VIII- Equity Derivatives Certification Exam creates a common minimum knowledge standard for all candidates who seek to function as the approved users and sales personnel in the stock exchange or equity derivatives exchange. This certification creates a better understanding of the multiple derivatives available in the equity derivatives market. It also acquaints with the rules and regulations that should be taken into consideration while participating in clearing and settlements of exchange mechanisms. NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test will tell you how much you already know and how far ahead you can go.

Resume Boost – NISM certifications go a long way in boosting your resume. Not only does the reputation of NISM inform your potential employer that you do possess the requisite knowledge required for the job at hand. They are a must on your resume if you wish to join any of the big shot companies of the securities and exchange market. The NISM certificates are also a stepping stone to other international certifications like CFA, CFP, etc., in case you are interested in further improving your qualifications.

Multiple job opportunities – NISM Certifications opens up a lot of job opportunities in the market. Some of those are – the position of the sales representative in the mutual funds market, employability in banks and companies that engage in selling stocks and derivatives, and at a very basic level being the trader in any of the companies that engage in buying and selling of securities for their respective clients. By sitting for more NISM Certifications Exams you can always keep expanding your horizon and with that your bracket of job opportunities.

Nation-wide acceptance – Since the Securities and Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) itself validates the NISM Certifications, they are accepted all over India. The functioning intermediaries in the securities exchange market – banks, brokerage firms, assets management companies, RTAs, etc, are only too eager to employ NISM certified individuals.