Things you need to learn to clear the NISM equity derivatives exam

Posted on 27 Feb 2021

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The country's financial sector is the one who can experience the ups and downs of the economy from the front seat. That is why aspirants who look forward to making it in this sector need to have ample knowledge and determination to succeed. To have a clear say in the financial industry, one has to take the Equity Derivatives Certification Exam. SEBI is the strongest regulatory of securities and capital market in India. There are a set of 15 online exams to qualify for SEBI. Out of these 15, NISM Equity Derivatives are essential to get a job at the stock broking companies.

Below we will be explaining the things you require to clear the NISM equity derivatives exam.

The basics of Derivatives:

To make it a success in the NISM Certification exam, one must have the basic knowledge of derivatives, such as the evolution of the derivatives market, the importance, and the risk of derivatives for a better understanding.


The index is another important aspect of the derivatives Certificate exam. In this, aspirants generally learn the index's basic concepts, the different types of indices, and the index's economic purpose. The other vital aspects that can be learned under the index are applying the index and the major indices present in India. All this constitutes the entire index segment that is essential for the derivatives Certificate exam.

Introduction to forward and the future:

Another very prominent aspect of derivatives is the introduction to the forward and the future. In this, the candidates require to have a clear understanding of forwards and futures contracts. Under this, the candidates also need to know the future pricing for the best results.


Options play a vital role in helping an aspirant get the NIS derivatives certificate. Under this, the aspirant requires a clear understanding of payoff charts for options, the base of options, and their uses. Options play a prominent role as it is an essential part of the derivatives certification exam.

Option Trading Strategies:

Options trading strategy is an essential part of the NISM derivatives exam and holds a lot of value. To clear the derivatives certification exam, aspirants need to learn about the options trading strategy. Aspirants need to know the basic things about option spreads and have a keen understanding of their payoff charts. Terms such as Put and Call also play a vital role, and aspirants need to understand these terms before sitting for the exam.

Mock Test and Study Materials:

Study materials for NISM derivatives certificate exams can be found online, but it is necessary to choose the study materials that comply with the syllabus. Aspirants need to know the syllabus and compare study materials accordingly for the best results. NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test is also a perfect way to understand the subject appropriately and know where exactly you stand. Mock test papers offer an upper hand to aspirants to prepare and gain confidence before the exams.

The points mentioned above will help aspirants to learn so that they can clear the NISM equity derivatives exam. All the points mentioned above play a vital role in determining aspirants' success appearing for the NISM equity derivatives certificate exam.