Preparing You for NISM Equity Derivatives, Mutual Fund And So Much More

Posted on 17 Aug 2021

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We have been associated with the NISM section for quite some time. Our years of experience helped us to provide the aspirants with NISM Mock Test 2021. The main goal is to help students clear out their exams right on the first try. We have a mock test question bank selected rather carefully to ensure that only the top questions are added. It helps students to save time and then clears the exams in an easy way.

So, next time you are looking for some free online demo test associated with NISM, you can always head to use it at PASS4SURE. We are presenting only the best mock test demos under various sections to help you prepare for the final exam smoothly. Log online at to learn more about the mock test demo for free!

Get the right judgement:

By selecting the free NISM Demo Test, you can judge how the Q&A will get displayed. These demo tests are available in a simple but most efficient manner. It needs very minimal effort from your side for understanding concepts well.

  • There is a paid MISM mock test available too. It is available in the same manner where you will get around 400 to 500 questions and answers.
  • The major point that sets up apart from the rest is the explanations we provide to the majority of answers, especially the calculations. It helps you to not just understand the answer but remember it too.
  • So, next time you are planning to pass the upcoming NISM exam on the first try, let us assist you by offering the updated NISM Exam mock test 2021. It is separate from the online free demo tests.
  • Furthermore, we are going to include the “Last Day Revision” tests too in the mock test question bank. Here, the questions remain right on the target. 

The main purpose over here is to make sure that students get to learn what is important for passing the examinations. 

The types of exams available:

Before you proceed further and purchase the mock test package, it is time to focus on the types of exams available and covered from our source. We have created an easily navigable list, making it easier to go through all the possible exams and then look for the one that seems to be your best choice.

  • NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test:

This test is one of the major ones conducted by none other than the National Institute of Securities Market. With the help of this test, you can get jobs related to stockbroking firms or if you want to start your own broking business.

  • NISM Mutual Fund Mock Test:

As understood from the name, you will receive NISM Certification once you have passed out the MCQs well. Here, within a span of 120 minutes, the candidate must answer 100 questions, resulting in 100 marks. The passing mark is 50% for the NISM Mutual Fund examination.

Some of the other exams are Securities Operations and Risk Management, Certification Examination level 1 and 2, Securities Intermediaries Compliance, and so much more. So, prepare yourself for the mock tests now!