How to register and enrol for NISM certification exams

Posted on 08 Nov 2020

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In case you want to become a professional stockbroker, it is essential to have the certification of approval from NISM. Created by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the NISM exam assesses your knowledge about various sectors of Stock, trade, mutual funds and other forms of trade exchanges. Based on your degree of experience and expertise, the specific role is given to you.

NISM certification is only possible if one clears the NISM exam. NISM has around 20 specific tests to choose from depending on the core subject one wants to qualify in. Once the subject is chosen, it is essential to understand and be thorough about the subject matter and curriculum of the exam.

There are numerous study materials available online and offline for understanding the subjects well. One can also attend the NISM Mock Test conducted by various centres to help examinees brush up their skills and knowledge well before the main exam.

NISM Exam is entirely an online process. From registration to enrollment and even appearing for the examination, everything happens online. Dedicated centres situated all over the country conduct online NISM tests.

Registering for NISM Exam -

NISM exams require a one-time registration on (NISM Official Website) that can be used for all the exam enrollments. While registering, it is essential to note that the main details like Name, Date of Birth, address and PAN details are accurate and without any error. The phone number and email ID should mandatorily be in working condition and valid.

Enrolling for the NISM certification exam -

Once the registration is complete, it is much easier to proceed further. The choice of subject for the exam is the first point that needs to be addressed. Once the Test subject is chosen, automatically one is guided to the page that has Exam centre and date. It is essential to enrol for the exams as early as possible. This helps one get the dates and centres of their choice before the centres are all completely booked.

Once the slot for the examination is chosen and finalized, the examination fees need to be paid. Debit, credit and E-wallet options are the mode of payment to choose from. The fees for enrolling for each NISM test is around 2500 INR.

Once the payment is cleared, the Admit card is sent over to the registered email id along with the e-receipt. It is essential to get a hardcopy of the admit card and e-receipt, as it is needed at the examination venue.

Soft copy of all the primary study materials needed for preparing for the NISM exams is available to download post-registration and enrollment. Numerous centres even organize mock tests before the primary certification exam, to help the applicants understand the test module and various other smaller details that one may not know about beforehand.

Stock Market is one of those rare professions that always requires highly skilled individuals. It is also one of the most flourishing career options. To step into the world of Stock Analysis clearing the NISM is the first step.