All You Want to Know About NISM Exam and Its Preparation!

Posted on 09 Mar 2019

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Regulatory bodies in our country such as the Securities and Exchange board of India and National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange have introduced plethora of certification courses for people planning career in financial markets. These certificate courses are designed with the view of developing an understanding and grip over various aspect of financial markets. National institute of Securities Market certification commonly known as NISM certification is one of such courses run by the regulatory bodies of the country. This test not only imbibe practical knowledge and requisite skills to operate in a financial market but it also makes sure that every person entering the market has high caliber necessary for market to prosper.

Who all can enroll for NISM certification?

Any person who wishes to be a part of various investment managements, financial research and credit restructuring firms and want to grow and prosper along with various financial markets can enroll for this course.

There are certain basic requirements which you need to fulfill before you apply for this certification exam.

Graduation: You should at least be a graduate for applying for NISM certification. Though under graduates can apply for the certification exam and even attempt it but certification will be provided to them only after graduation is completed. Under graduates can prepare for the exam during college with the help of NISM Mock test and NISM Study Material.

Mutual fund advisor: If you are a mutual fund advisor then NISM certification is a very good option to expand your horizon.

Business school graduates: If you happen to study in a business school or have passed out and pursuing your career as a financial advisor the NISM certification can help you taking a giant leap in your career.

NISM certification have proved to be a helpful successful tool for people in plethora of fields such as insurance advisors, Asset and fund management professionals, bank employees, traders and financial consultants.

Strategies for clearing the exam and getting certification!

Like any other competitive or certification exams you need to strategize your moves for clearing NISM certification exam in first attempt.

The first and foremost step towards successful career in financial market is selection of right certification exam. There are almost 14 certification exams conducted by NISM. Each exam is for people working in different financial sectors. For example NISM currency derivatives certification exams are designed for traders and dealers working in currency segment. On the contrary NISM mutual fund certification exam is for those who are pursuing career as a mutual fund advisor. So recognizing right exam is very important before you begin with actual preparations.

Second step is to clear your concepts. Various online portals offer NISM study material which not only cover the entire syllabus but also offer plethora of questions for practice.

After you are done with the syllabus and concepts, then comes time management in the exam. NISM Mock test available online can give you fair idea about how the exam will be and how you are going to manage your time.