All you need to know about NISM 8 Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

Posted on 23 Apr 2022

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National Institutes of Securities Market, known as NISM, presents NISM 8 equity derivatives certification examination every year. Are you appearing for the NISM 8 series exam this year? So, before you start preparing, here are a few things you need to remember.

This guide has noted down all the essential things you need to know about this examination. So, if you want to know what these things are in detail, go through this article without any further ado.

Topics that cover the NISM 8 Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

The NISM equity derivatives examination syllabus is highly focused on a better understanding of several derivatives commodities available in the equity derivatives market. Additionally, it covers the regulations and risks associated with the products, exchange mechanism, clearing, settling, and more. As a result, this examination also tries to cover the subjects so that all candidates can get adequate knowledge about the Indian financial structure, the significance of strict and diverse rules and regulations that supervise the Indian securities market, and in-depth knowledge of equity derivatives.

The syllabus outline and weightage of the NISM Equity Derivatives Certification examination

The NISM Series 8 examination contains a total of 10 different topics. The syllabus outline and weightage of each chapter are mentioned below.

  • Basics of derivatives: 8%
  • Understanding index: 2%
  • Introduction of forwards and futures: 25%
  • Introduction to options: 25%
  • Option trading strategies: 3%
  • Introduction to trading systems: 4%
  • Introduction to clearing and settlement systems: 13%
  • Legal and regulatory environment: 15%
  • Accounting and taxation: 3%
  • Sales practices and investor protection services: 2%

Who should appear for this exam?

  • Authorized staff of equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a stock exchange.
  • Stock Brokers employees in Derivative Segment
  • Anybody have an interest in the Equity Derivatives Market
  • Students, teachers, and investors

Top tips for cracking NISM 8 series easily

  1. At first, make a timetable and divide your entire syllabus into small portions. Set a goal for one day and study according to the timetable.
  2. Search for the best study material. You can search for the study materials online or can get them from any expert or professional.
  3. Follow NISM 8 previous year's question papers and solve as much as possible. Set a time, make an exam hall environment at your home, and give the exam following all rules.
  4. Make sure to give the NISM online mock test to understand better the pattern of questions you may get in the final examination. 
  5. Study hard, and if possible, get enrolled in online or physical coaching for advanced education and knowledge 


In short, these are all you need to know about NISM 8 Equity Derivatives Certification Examination. Now, when you have understood all about this exam, hopefully, the journey ahead will become easier for you. So study hard, and crack the exam soon!