Advantages of Clearing NISM Series XV- Research Analyst Certification Exam

Posted on 04 May 2017

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After SEBI declared NISM or its equivalent exam compulsory for research analysts to ensure that investors get the best financial advice, the NISM Series XV- Research Analyst Certification became a prominent way to scrutinize the skills and proficiency of candidates. The exam is a comprehensive global educational program that offers an expert level of understanding in bank loan markets and dept capital markets to experienced professional and graduates.

This series by NISM emphasizes on the integration of fundamentals of credit appraisal, financial analysis, rating methodology, loan structuring and credit strategy. The tools acquired by the candidates who pass this exam makes them eligible for top positions in fixed income, banking, finance, credit ratings and treasuries domain. The certification primarily covers the following skills, and more information about it can be taken from NISM Series XV Study Material.

·         Credit Rating- External and Internal Rating Methodologies

·         Credit Risk Regulations and Model

·         NPA Management, Credit Monitoring, Securitization and Enhancement

·         Credit Analysis- Analyst and Banker's Perspective and

·         Financial Statement Analysis

Top 4 Advantages of Passing  NISM Series XV- Research Analyst Certification

Though there are several advantages of clearing the NISM Series XV Certification exam, but here are the top 4 amongst them

Job Opportunities: The certification that you acquire through the exam will be a proof of the skills, qualities and services that you are capable of delivering. And this is highly valued in the employment sector for fields that deal with bank loan, securitization, rating, credit monitoring and strategy. So, after passing the exam you can stand apart from the crowd and perform at your best.

Practical Knowledge: The time that you spend learning various tools and concepts through the NISM Series XV Study Material, you get to know more about the aesthetics of the market and how you as an individual can improve it. In fact, such materials are a comprehensive suite of securities, historical data, financing instruments, analysis, credit loans and much more that will be highly beneficial for your career. 

Global Analytical Models: While preparing for the test you can get a deep in-sight about the global analytical models and how they are related to the performance metrics. The best part is that you can even practice it often with the help of NISM Research Analyst mock test.

Multiple Perspectives: From quantitative, qualitative to market based views each and every approach is testified when you prepare for the exam. As a matter of fact, the various segments of the market are analyzed from analyst's to a banker's point of view which helps you in understanding how the movement of market affects them. 

Therefore, when you aspire for a successful career in banks, retail finance, investment banking or any other financial field then making the NISM Series XV- Research Analyst Certification part of your portfolio can create a significant difference.

And to pass the exam easily you can take advantage of the mock tests and practice materials offered by pass4sure. The expert guidance, tips, tricks and solutions found in the materials can definitely help you grow as a learner and score better.