8 Beneficial Aspects of Getting Your Hands on NISM Certification

Posted on 19 Jul 2022

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The country’s economy depends on the smooth functioning of the financial sectors. It is hard for any economy to develop without the proper support of financial markets. So, the role of capital markets and stock exchanges is very important for any country for its economic development. 

The National Institute of Securities Markets NISM was set up by the Stock Exchange Board of India in 2006 to offer students with education regarding the Indian security market. SEBI is now the regulator of the securities market. So, getting hold of course modules and the NISM Mock Test is important if you want to be a pro in this section.

There are certain benefits associated with the NISM certificate. Simple and easy steps will help you to prepare for the same. But first, let’s learn the advantages of getting NISM Certification in hand.

  1. Get accepted nationwide:

This NISM certificate is accepted by all the intermediaries like banks, brokers, asset management companies, investment banks and all the other stock market institutions. It is mainly because the NISM certificate is backed by SEBI.

  1. Perfect for adding value to the resume:

In case you want to build a career in the capital market, the NISM certificate will hold major value. But for that, you need to pass NISM Exam with good marks. The job qualification will need the main certificate from reputed centres. It also provides companies with the assurance that the candidate has knowledge of the current stock market.

  1. The best study materials for the exam:

The current stock market is a major subject and consists of various topics. Studying for the said certificate will help you to get detailed knowledge. Once you register for the NISM exam, the institutions will offer you workbooks that have information related to the securities market. You will get detailed topic-wise chapters with proper examples.

  1. Practice through NISM mock tests:

Whenever you are preparing for NISM certification, you need to practice NISM mock test. These tests are of major help as they have the same questions that come in the actual certification exam. So, if you practice these tests thoroughly, you will not face any difficulty during the exam.

  1. Helping you to get a job:

Other than industry professionals, the NISM certificate will increase your employment opportunities to cover fields like finance, management, marketing and economics. This certification is one way to increase knowledge domain and help in investing in the security market.

  1. Matching up the regulatory requirements:

The NISM certificate is a mandatory note from SEBI to work in capital market institutions. So, if you want to work in such sectors, you have to pass the NISM exams. The reliable course modules will help in meeting all the regulatory requirements.

  1. Fewer fees in question:

The examination fees that you need to pay for NISM certification are on the lower side. The final rate will differ and it depends on the subject mostly.

  1. Correct information all the way through:

The information you get in the NISM Workbook is authentic, reliable and comes with correct information. These workbooks will act out as dictionaries for those students with a query on the topic associated with the capital market.