7 Benefits of NISM Certification That Will Help in Securing a Rewarding Career

Posted on 21 Mar 2022

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NISM is the most popular certification in the securities market in India. But the exam can be challenging, and you have to crack it if you want a prosperous future in the profession. Online mock tests are the ideal way to prepare and gain confidence. It will help you get the real-time experience of the exam and improve time management, which is crucial for the NISM Certification.

However, the mock tests will be meaningful only when you know that you are doing it for achieving the best for the future. Is it really so? Why don’t you check out the benefits of the certification?

Benefit #1: Improving the knowledge base

The NISM exams come with the NISM Workbooks. These are study materials that will help you prepare not only for the exam but for facing your professional life. 

  • The study material will offer detailed product knowledge necessary information about processes, rules and regulations with complete illustrations and examples. 
  • A professional who will work with an esteemed organization must have thorough knowledge about the products and processes to offer maximum options to the clients. 

NISM certification acts as the expressway for knowledge transmission. 

Benefit #2: Meeting the regulator requirements

SEBI has declared that the NISM certifications will be mandatory t work in the capital markets. The regulation is directly from SEBI Certification of Associated Persons in Securities Market (CAPSM) Regulations. As per this rule, any derivative market dealer will have to clear the NISM Exam series VIII: Equity Derivative Certification to be eligible to operate the derivatives terminal. 

Benefit #3: widening job opportunities

NISM Certifications are also for the students in management, finance, economics, and marketing, apart from the industry professionals. It is a way to enhance the domain knowledge and also prepare for meeting a wider horizon for job opportunities. 

Benefit #4: National acceptance

All the intermediaries in the security market, including the banks, investment organizations, asset management companies, RTAs and brokerage firms, will accept the certifications as SEBI supports and regulates the credential.

Benefit #5: Value addition to resume

As your prepare for the NISM Mock Testjust think how the resume will look once you can add this feather on the cap. It will add much value to the resume. In fact, you can deviate to other forms of professionals in finance, too, with this certification under the belt. 

Benefit #6: Affordable option 

While people spend much money on acquiring degrees and getting jobs, the fee for NISM Registration is affordable. You don’t need any financial planning to pay for the exam. Most o the certifications are obtainable for exam fees worth INR 1500 on average.

Thus, this is the cheapest option for qualifying for certification. 

Benefit #7: Free download of materials

As the PASS4SURE website allows the free download of the NISM study material, it will be easier for you to procure the study materials. the convenient availability of materials help you to prepare well for the exams.

Therefore, you must have understood by now how beneficial it is to get the certification to achieve professional success in life.