What are the NCFM exams?

Posted on 27 Nov 2015

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What is NSE?

National Stock Exchange (NSE) is the leading stock exchange of India, located in Mumbai, established in the year 1992, as the first demutualized electronic exchange of the country. NSE, through its modern, fully automated screen based electronic trading system was able to easy the trading facility offered to its participants. With passage of time, NSE has become an integral part of the securities market & a leading exchange of the country.

What is NCFM?

NSE’s certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) is an online skills & certification program to enhance knowledge & skills amongst various participants of the securities market. Before the setting up of NISM, NCFM certifications were the corner stone of the minimum benchmark knowledge in the securities market. Moreover, all the employers made sure that their employees had cleared the necessary NCFM certification, relevant to their job role. The same was also the situation for “would be” employees.

What are the different certifications offered under NCFM?

The NCFM certification offers various subjects in the field of finance, ranging from

1.       NCFM modules

a.       Foundation (12 certifications)

b.      Intermediate (26 certifications) &

c.       Advanced (12 certifications)

2.       Proficiency Certificates

a.       NSE Certified Derivatives Pro (NCDP)

b.      NSE Certified Derivatives Champion (NCDC)

c.       NSE Certified Investment Analyst Pro (NCIAP)

d.      NSE Certified Investment Analyst Champion (NCIAC)

e.      NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP)

3.      NSE’s Capital Market Aptitude Test (NCMAT)

4.      NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP) & Online NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (E – NCCMP)

5.      Post Graduate Courses are offered by NSE through collaboration with various universities (8 courses)

How are the exams conducted?

All the NCFM modules are conducted online, through a MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format through its registered test centers across India.

How do I prepare for the exams?

The moment a candidate decides to pursue a particular certification & registers for the same by paying the requisite fees, NSE sends across an updated study material to him/her. It is advisable to at least keep a study time of 2 hours/day to pursue the certifications.

Are there any tuition providers?

There aren’t many tuition providers. Most candidates prefer training for the exams through a “self study” mode. Moreover, tuition providers prefer to focus their time & energy on popular certifications. So, if you are one among those, who have decided to pursue a certification, which is unique, then finding a tuition provider for the same would be difficult.

Is the certification difficult to clear?

Most professionals having the requisite knowledge & experience find it easy to clear the exams. Students on the other hand have to put in some effort to understand the working of the securities market & the subject that they wish to appear for. However, any student who studies diligently clears the examination with good grades.

Are there any practice tests available?

Yes, there are quite a few institutes offering online mock examinations for aspirants. Some are priced at as low as Rs. 499! However, before you decide to purchase any of the mock tests, make sure that the tests are updated to the latest syllabus & test your knowledge on the parameters laid down by NSE.