Top 5 Benefits of Clearing NISM Certification Exam

Posted on 18 Jan 2016

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Being associated with SEBI, NISM examinations enjoy different status in the higher education sector. The NISM examination was launched with the purpose of making stockbrokers, trading member and clearing member aware of the different subjects in securities markets. Clearing NISM Certification not only gives a rewarding career but also gives a bundle of knowledge relating to mutual funds, stocks &brokerage, financial markets and securities markets.  Out of many known benefits of clearing NISM certification exams, given below are the top 5 benefits which are most significant and effective:

  1. Understanding of risk management strategies: NISM certification teaches you in detail for every aspect related to the subject of stock and security markets. Persons owning NISM certification learns risk handling methods and dealing with the risk, and this is one of the most beneficial traits one can imbibe with NISM certification exams. Such persons can easily understand the procedures for reimbursement of investor complaints, which is another major plus adding in their capability.
  1. Knowledge of Indian Securities Markets: One who knows about securities markets can multiply money in stock market in most legal ways. These persons can make calculations from the available current sources according to their experiences and they have the ability of making best decisions out of available sources.
  1. Lucrative Earning: Earning heavy rewards is really not difficult for a person who possesses NISM certification. Reputed organizations offer fruitful packages along with other remunerative benefits for availing services from such professionals.
  1. Increases employment opportunities: if you have qualified NISM, you will no longer have to wait for vacancies in organizations. Individuals having NISM certification are always in heavy demand among companies.  Moreover, one can either go for a job or start his own business, because NISM certification gives you authority and knowledge of setting a sole business.
  1. Remarkable Status in Society:  This is an obvious advantage that can be achieved after qualifying NISM certification exams. Because when you have good job that pays you in heaps, your standards ultimately raises in the society.

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