Things You Need to Learn to Clear NISM Equity Derivatives Exam

Posted on 12 Feb 2018

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The financial sector is the most challenging and blossoming sector in India as well as worldwide. For, it encounters the ups and downs of a country from the front seat. That's why those who are aspiring to bloom their career in this field, or the present employees, willing to accelerate their career growth, have to acquire ample knowledge about the market. And for these candidates, the NISM Equity Derivatives Certification programme is requisite.

You may be wondering 'what is NISM?'

As we know that SEBI or The Securities and Exchange Board of India is the main and the strongest regulator of the securities and capital market in India. SEBI has established an institution named NISM in Mumbai. NISM holds around 15 online certification tests, which are known as NISM exams.

Among these 15 tests, one is NISM Equity Derivatives certification programme, essential to get jobs in the stock-broking companies. The registration process to appear in the exam is hassle-free. Just go to the official website of NISM, and choose the NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives Exam, give the exam fees, select the date and venue, and finally download the NISM equity derivatives study material. If you follow the study material and scrutiny your knowledge through NISM equity derivatives mock test, available in web portals like pass4sure, it would not seem to be hard to clear the exam.

What is the Purpose of NISM Series VIII - Equity Derivatives Exam?

The main purpose of this examination is to provide a better understanding of various derivatives products, found in the equity derivatives markets in India. The NISM equity derivatives study material, covers the regulations as well as the techniques to manage risks incorporated with the derivative products, along with the exchange mechanisms of clearing and settlement. After reading the study material and enhancing knowledge through the NISM equity derivatives mock test, candidates will acquire a thorough understanding of the financial structure, different rules and regulations in the securities market, especially in the equity derivatives segment of India.

Few Things to Learn About Before You Appear in the Exam

Basics of Derivative

Candidates need to learn about the basic idea of Derivatives, like the evolution of derivatives market, Indian derivatives market, participants, types of derivatives markets, the importance of derivatives and of course, the risks in the derivatives market.


 In this part, candidates will learn the basic concept of Index, different types of Indices, economic purpose of Index, Index management, Applications of Index and Major Indices in India.

Introduction to Forwards and Futures

The candidates should have a clear idea about forwards and futures contracts and futures pricing.


Before appearing to the exam, one has to get a clear idea of the payoff charts for options, what is the base of options pricing and uses of options.

Option Trading Strategies

Now it is time to learn about options trading strategy. Know the things about Option spreads and their payoff charts, and get the idea about terms like Put, Call, etc.