Importance of NISM Series IV - Interest Rate Derivatives Certification Exam

Posted on 13 Nov 2017

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National Institute of securities market or NISM course for Interest Rate Derivatives is specifically designed for those who wants to prepare themselves for the Interest Rate Derivatives jobs or trading and also for the NISM Series IV - Interest Rate Derivatives Certification examination.

NISM Series IV - Interest Rate Derivatives Certification examination creates a common minimum knowledge benchmark for the approved users and sales personnel of the trading members who are registered such as in the currency derivatives segment of a recognized stock exchange and trading in Interest Rate Derivatives.

People who will benefit from the course are:

  • Individual
  • Bankers
  • Students
  • Traders
  • Working Professionals
  • Those seeking jobs in financial institutions

On successful completion of this certification examination the candidate should be benefited by the following:

  • As per SEBI Circular, a trading member who is registered in the currency derivatives segment of a recognized stock exchange and trading in interest rate derivatives shall ensure that all its approved users and sales personnel shall obtain Series-IV: Interest Rate Derivatives certification exam.
  • Know the basics of fixed income securities markets and explicitly know about the interest rate derivative markets in the Indian as well as developed world context
  • Understand the analytical framework required for bond futures market in India along with trading and hedging strategies involved
  • Get to understand the clearing, settlement and risk management as well as the operational mechanism related to interest rate derivatives markets in India as well as the international market.
  • Gain knowledge about the regulatory environment in which the interest rate derivatives markets operate in India
  • You will have a good understanding of the Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivative products.
  • Knowledge and understanding of hedging strategies for managing interest rate risk in loans and bond investments like by adjusting the duration with futures
  • You get to understand the risk management measures like SPAN, value-at-risk and scenario analysis
  • You can determine the daily settlement price and final settlement price

This certification can be passed very easily by taking the help of NISM interest rate derivatives study materialThis mock study material will help you to prepare and also will help students to understand what type of question answers will come in the examination. It will also prepare them to face the real live similar environment of the exam pattern of SEBI NISM question papers and save your time and money.

PASS4SURE has also designed their question bank which consists of four hundred important questions and answers for NISM Series IV module, various practice tests such as NISM interest rate derivatives mock testStudent will get approximately 500 questions & answers to practice on with a stipulated time and negative marking like in NISM examination.

After you go through the PASS4SURE NISM Interest Rate Derivatives Mock Test you will find it easy to clear this specific NISM module and get the NISM Series IV - Interest Rate Derivatives Certification.