How Online Tutorials Can Pave Your Success Road for IC-38 Exam?

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

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Insurance regulatory and developmental authority is an independent body responsible for endorsing and regulating insurance in India. IC 38 exam is an online certification exam conducted by IRDS for all those who wish to become insurance agents. Basically it is an Insurance Agent Exam conducted to make sure people with high caliber and skills enter the insurance industry.

These days plethora of online tutorials are mushrooming to help the aspirants for preparation of IC38 exam. If you happen to be one of those aspirant then joining such online tutorial can prove to be very helpful and fruitful in attempting the exam.

Benefits of enrolling to an online tutorial for preparation of IC38!

  1. Best part of joining an online tutorial is that you can study in the comfort of your house at a time which is convenient to you. There are video tutorials available on such portals teaching each and every concept just the way a teacher would have taught in a brick and mortar classroom. These sessions are interactive and you can ask questions in case of a doubt. These videos are accessible at any place and any time. So it makes the preparation lot easier and convenient to you.
  2. Second benefit from online tutorials comes in the form of e-notes. Say goodbye to tedious notes making as you can download directly from the online portal. These e-notes are crisp, precise and cover all the concepts for quick review of the entire syllabus. These e-notes can prove to be very helpful in insurance agent’s exam. You also get utilities required for clearing the exam.
  3. Practice questions. Once a concept has been covered in the class, these online tutorials make sure that you get exposed to plethora of practice questions. These practice questions helps you in better understanding and applications of concept.
  4. IC 38 Mock Test is another important tool for getting a fair idea about what you are getting to face in the exam. Since most of the questions in the exam are conceptual, giving such mock test can help you to assess your strengths and weakness. Apart from that they can also help you with time management in the actual exam. All the online tutorials for preparation of such exams have plethora of mock tests to offer. All you need to do is subscribe for one such series and give tests on regular intervals.
  5. Another facility you get by joining such online tutorials is chat with experts. Subject experts are available 24*7 to help you with difficult concepts and solving your quarries.
  6. These online tutorials are accessible both with web apps and with mobile apps. You can download the tutorial on your smart phone and study at any time and any place. These days these apps can offer tutorials in more than 8 languages for the comfort and convenience of the users.

Online tutorials are new and innovative means of studies for all those who are already in a job and do not have time to attend regular classes.