Everything You Need To Know About the NISM Mutual Fund Exam

Posted on 31 Mar 2021

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Now, the NISM mutual fund exam has replaced the former and enjoys the status as an entry-level test for anyone looking to have a fulfilling cover in Mutual Funds. If you’re also willing to deal with mutual funds in your career, make sure you read this article till the end.

From the examination objective to structure and details, this article will serve as a resourceful guide for everyone looking to prepare for this exam. Moreover, for better preparation, you can feel free to solve NISM mutual fund mock tests and understand the examination format.

NISM Mutual Funds – Objectives of the Exam

While the NISM Mutual funds exam is not the easiest education achievement you’ll get, the results are surely worth your time, efforts, and money. If you pass the exam successfully as a candidate, you’ll be perfectly able to:

  • Establish the evaluation and distribution process of Mutual Funds in the marketplace
  • Understand the core principle of Mutual Funds, their structure, time, and features
  • Realize the need of investors in the market and recommend an ideal scheme based on the requirements of an investor
  • Learn the aspects of legalities, accounting, and valuation of Mutual Funds
  • Know how to develop a long-term and cordial relationship with your clients
  • Gain familiarity with the approach of financial planning using Mutual Funds

These skills will allow you to make a financially secure future with the help of mutual funds for both investors and yourself. Moreover, with a range of other skills and abilities, you’ll also learn to make more informed financial decisions after this certification.

NISM Mutual Funds - Examination Structure and Details

The question paper contains a hundred questions worth one mark each, and the candidate will gain a total of two hours to solve the entire question paper. While the maximum score is a hundred, the minimum passing criteria for the examination is only 50%.

Fortunately, there is no negative marking involved, and to appear for the test, you just need to fill a registration worth 1500 INR. After completing the test with passing marks, you’ll receive a certificate with three-year validity.

Note that you must provide your PAN card details to gain the certificate. Furthermore, even if there’s no negative-marking, you need to understand the pattern of the question and answer properly. It’s suggested to solve NISM VA Mock Tests to understand the exam pattern in a better way.

The Takeaway

The NISM Mutual Funds Certification exam might need you to study beyond your tolerance, but the hard work will surely make your future brighter and fledging. If you came this far, you may now have a better idea about the exam such as its structure, details, and objectives, which help you prepare more efficiently for it.