Career Opportunities After Clearing NISM Exams

Posted on 09 Jan 2018

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The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator of the securities and capital of India, instituted the NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) in Mumbai. The aim of SEBI is to initiate and encourage people for studying in the field of Indian stock exchange and security market, through online test and certification programme.


If you are planning to step into the world of finance, then NISM certification is a must to have both feet on the ground. Whether you are a first year Commerce student or a finance professional, you can easily apply and clear NISM exam. There is no certain qualification, age limit to become eligible for NISM certification courses. NISM certificate can prove to be the golden ticket to enter into Indian Financial and Capital Market Sector, as well as add a star to your current resume.

The process of applying for the NISM certification course is a piece of cake. Interested candidates need to visit the official website of NISM, pay online for the exam, and choose a convenient time schedule and the examination center. After the candidates go through the successful registration and payment procedure, they can easily download the study material for free. On the web, one can find out reputable mock test portals like pass4sure, who will help in getting prepared for the NISM exam. If the candidate gets above 60% marks in the exam, he will be certified within 15 days.

Career Opportunities after Clearing NISM Exams

Whether planning to set up your own business or enlighten yourself with the knowledge of finance and securities, NISM courses always prove themselves beneficial. Candidates, who successfully pass the exams, don't need to wait for the vacancies in the reputable companies or organizations. If you are among the wannabes in the in commerce, economics, finance, marketing, stocks exchange and securities, then NISM courses hold outstanding opportunities and will build the pillars of your career.

Why Are NISM courses Advantageous for Your Career Growth?

  • As SEBI is the foundation root of NISM courses, they are highly trusted, proficient and effective.
  • These NISM courses ensure high payable jobs. Whether you are a fresher or an employee of a reputable organization, aspiring to climb up the ladder of success, NISM exams offer the best opportunity as well as a rewarding pay scale.
  • The NISM exams are specifically beneficial for the students coming from the educational or working backgrounds of Commerce, Economics, Management, Banking, and Insurance, etc. Even the fresher can start their career by clearing the NISM courses.
  • The NISM certification courses offer a detailed study about the mutual funds, stocks, financial markets, and securities. It will help the students to get a practical, realistic knowledge to face the challenges of the mature as well as demanding market. The students will also learn how to manage risk skillfully and methodically.

Regardless of employees, students, and entrepreneurs, if you want to make money in the financial arena, with a sharp, intelligent, and smart insight, then NISM certification exams are highly recommended.