Advantages of clearing NISM Series VI - Depository Operations Certification Exam

Posted on 04 Oct 2017

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National Institute of securities market or NISM exams have become one of the most important exams for candidates who are seeking a good career in the securities market. There are many exams in NISM certification examinations and each exam is based on a specific stream. NISM Series VI is one of those exams which is very important and it is based on the study of Indian stock markets and depositories.

One of the major advantages of getting certified with depository operation certification is that you will get employed by a registered depository participant. This examination gives you the significant knowledge that will essentially help you to perform your responsibilities on the job diligently.

The roles of a depository professional are:

  • How to Interact with clients
  • Basic administration of client securities
  • Handling the grievances of investors
  • Managing the risks
  • Maintain records complying the activities

The NISM Series VI - Depository Operations Certification exam is an important exam for those people who are engaged or employed by a registered depository participant. The benefits of this exam are:

  • Qualifying this exam with the required percentage tells us that the candidate knows the basics of Indian securities market as well as he or she is well versed in depository system.
  • It will further tell us that he or she understands the institutional structure, Indian system of depository and its business partners.
  • Knowledge gained from this examination makes the candidate understand the rules and principles of depositories in which DPs function, their eligibility standards, procedure for registration and other rights and obligations.
  • Understand the various functions of the Depository and its Depository Participants (DPs) such as dematerialization, trading and settlement, pledging and hypothecation.
  • Knowledge of how a demat account is opened, documents required to open an account and significance of Power of Attorney (POA).

Study material is very important for any competitive exam study material and is the key to your success. Your level of practice totally depends upon the type of practice material you referred for your exam preparation. Finding a reliable study material is of utmost importance.

Pass4sure, have designed their NISM depository exam study material and question bank for NISM Series VI module by having :

  • Various practice test like NISM depository mock test
  • Two important last day revision tests
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PASS4SURE has also provided explanations for almost every answer so that you can understand them and remember the answers easily. A detailed step by step solutions are also provided to the mathematical problems.