Advantages of Clearing NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam

Posted on 28 Sep 2016

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Want to start your own Mutual Funds Distribution business? Well, get ready to pass the NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributor Certification exam. This exam is mandatory for all those who wish to start a career in this sector. The exam, in fact, can also be very useful to employees of banks, MF Distributor companies, Stock Broking companies, etc.

The exam tests the knowledge of people involved in selling and distributing mutual funds. They enhance their skill set and quality of sales. The exam helps the candidates understand the basics of mutual funds, how they are distributed, how to evaluate schemes and get acquainted with mutual fund distribution planning.

There are certain advantages of giving these exams, such as-

1.   Better job opportunities

Just like any other exam or certification, NISM certification also gives you an edge over those who haven’t given the exam. It attracts more and better job opportunities.

2.      Better pay

Owing to a better job, you will also have a higher pay than your colleagues. Thus, doing something extra and working hard will always pay off.

3.      Early promotion

You will rise quickly. You definitely have a greater chance of promotion as compared to other in your field if you are working with a private company. If you have your own business, there is a definite chance of your business flourishing more quickly than others in the sector.

4.      Knowledge

The main and most important benefit of giving the exam is the knowledge that you gain from it. The basics that you learn by giving the exam will help you in your field. It will make your task easier and help you understand the ethics of your business better. You will know what is right and what is wrong, and also what to do at the time of a crisis or downfall.

The exam is not very tough if you study well for it. There are NISM Mutual Fund Mock Test available online which are based on the same pattern as the real test. The NISM Mutual Fund mock test / AMFI mock test can be taken at any time, and they help you strengthen your core and gain confidence before the actual exam. It will give you an idea of how and what the exam looks like and what to expect from it. There are also NISM Mutual Fund Study Materials available in the market. There are special books for studying or the exams which have a set of basic and important questions. The NISM Mutual Fund study material is also available online for free and can be downloaded. You can also buy the NISM Mutual Fund Study Material online and have your set of questions.

The exam is very useful and helpful to everybody interested in the funds business and should be given by them. Passing the exam would also give you a sense of achievement and boost your confidence and self-esteem. You can register online for the exam.